Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 30, 2010

The Massage…

When you care about someone you want to explore them completely.

I knew she had a long day so I decided to relax her. The lights were off and candles were lit. Two on each night stand and four on the side of the tub. I said “Baby, I ran you a bath. When you are finished, I have a surprise for you.”
I prepared the bath with her favorite scents and salts. The water calmed her muscles for what was next.

She walked out the bathroom with candle light glistening off her wet body. She was sensuous. I wanted more but tonight was all about her. “Baby, can you lie on the bed?” I asked softly. She looked at me and smiled then nodded yes. She wanted me but I told her to turn over so I can rub her back.

As I placed the oil on her I gently massage the fluids into her skin. My hands stayed connected to her body using long strokes to cover her entirely.

Slow, even, thoughtful, loving, soothing, I could hear her breathe deeply releasing the stress from her day. Hard when needed, gentle at times, I could feel her body calling me when I removed my hands slowly. I paid attention to what her body told me to do. Shoulders, finger tips, inner thighs, moving all the negative energy out her toes. I caressed all of her physically, emotionally, spiritually.
Feeling her release from my touch. Her body temperature began to rise as I massaged her.

When I was finished, I covered her with the sheets, kissed her on her cheek, blew out the candles and said “Good Night.”



  1. Very nice visual…

  2. I think I need to suck on an ice cube after reading this one! WOW!

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