Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 31, 2010


Did we mistreat the prophet because the prophecy was too pure?

I woke up thinking about trust. How can I trust you to be different? How can I trust you to love me the way you said you can? How can I trust self to be the man, the musician, the father, the friend, the lover?

Confidence, reliance, trustworthiness? Can we be there again? Were we ever there? Each action based in trust. It seems that we will never fully understand until we can.

A kiss? The spirit trusting the other. Momentarily or for eternity determined by the return on the initial investment. Can I trust you?

Trust allows us to believe in the impossible. The probability of our future. Will I be better off for trusting you or will you make it difficult for another?

Matters of the heart so complex researchers spend years trying to understand why. Why do we trust? How do we trust?

Our human condition allows us to trust another imperfection. Can we trust the rare perfection? Those who lived among us that made us uncomfortable with their undeniable truth.

Compromising trust with actions. I trust you. Can you exhibit trusting behavior?

Some trust until they are shown otherwise some wait until there has been a series of examples to create trust. Can you trust me?

Is this our destiny to be in a constant flux of when to trust and when not to? Are we constantly deciding on character, aura, energy, vibes, personalities to see what will gel or propel dissension?

I want to trust openly. As an adult my perception has been clouded with reality of human disparity. Realizing that many things are based on trust. Is it you?

Maybe it stems from our childhood? Our ideas on trust. Maybe it stems from past relationships? Regardless of its origins we need it to move forward.

True ecstasy has its roots in trust. How can we if we don’t have an understanding of where we want to be?

Benevolence, honesty, competence? Are they at the base of your personality? Did you lack in one, all? Did we?




  1. The issue of trust has to do what can you trust a person with. Can a person trust me not to speak my mind ? Trust me to be sensitive ? NO.NO. But can they trust when I say I have their back no matter what ? Yes. Can they trust me to always remember to be neat and tidy ? No.

    I find that trust may also have to do with underlying values. If one doesn’t value their own body, their own soul, how can you trust them with yours ?

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