Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 2, 2010

The Perspective, The Perception…

How things appear to you will determine your happiness…

I wonder if you could provide me with some fresh perspective. Allowing me to feel what you feel without interference from other forces.

The problem? It seems many of us read from the same script saying the same things expecting different reactions. Isn’t that insanity? I want awareness to be at the forefront of what we reveal.

Reality? Do you paint with your mind? Are you presenting different angles on life, music, love, poetry? The vision so clear that I can see what you want me to perceive.

Maybe your perspective ignites my perception so they fit together intertwined in passion. Why does it feel familiar? Did I experience this before? Is this new or different? Preconception?

Contradictions? No, they go together. Clouded perspectives lead to little perception. Or does it?

A person’s perception can be influenced by culture and past experiences. Did you pull me out of the cycle? I think I began to see the world differently because of what you exposed me to.

My mind half empty or half full. My heart healed or broken. My soul open or closed.

The Perspective, The Perception



  1. Perception does lead to perspective. It is one of the major roles in any relationship…be it friendships, co-workers, lovers,etc. Understanding people and their personalities is the key. I often get criticized for my straightforwardness…..”you say anything out of your moutn….or I can’t believe you just said that” I have often offended people without even knowing. When people got to actually know me…they would be amazed at how their perspective of me changed via their perception. They realized that I am the same with all I come encounter with. NOT saying I am rude or disrespectful…..I just tend to speak honestly in the most sincerest and respectable manner as I can. I do not lie…….period. And I find that many people are used to lies…..and don’t usually expect the truth. And are often caught off guard when you respond in a way their aren’t anticipating. Our perspectives are nurtured via up bringing, experiences in life and spirituality. We ALL have our perspective on life that is based on our perceptions.
    GREAT viewpoint!!

  2. Today my perception of the world was once again blown apart. Some people don’t believe in absolute truths…they believe in moral relativism and thus behave accordingly. I used to not believe that men were dogs….I ALWAYS believed the best about a person that God could do amazing things with them. I used to believe in love. But my perception has changed because sometimes the ideal doesn’t match the reality. Sometimes people manipulate and twist our minds until we live in a house of horrors looking at the world through distorted mirrors. I have so often given people the benefit of the doubt only to find that my initial perceptions about them were true. I have been chided for being prejudice and closed minded…but now realize I have unmatched wisdom and discernment. Trust your instincts…

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