Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 5, 2010

Let’s Talk About Sex

The good things and the bad… Taboo?

I love the art of making love. The concept of truly understanding another being completely…The puzzle piece? Hmmm, fits perfectly…

What about when there is difficulty? Can we talk? Taking time to express what works and what doesn’t. Patience to grow together in love.

Sexual history? Partners? No, Childhood. Were you treated right? Did family or friend mistreat you? Explore you without permission. Did it leave a scar? Is that too personal to talk about? Did you heal? Promiscuity? Frigidity?

It amazes me with all the sex on tv that we still have problems talking about sex. So many are healing from or struggling with past deception. Degradation of soul. How can we move forward when some still find it hard to talk about the Uncle who should not be left alone with kids? Taboo? Irresponsible?

Maybe our society doesn’t value the beauty of the female body. How can a grown man look at a little girl that way? Without touch, she can see thoughts in their eyes.  Then, imagine being touched by someone who completely crawls your blood. Maybe these men need to be sodomized with a two by four in order to feel how she feels. Is that enough imagery? I wonder if some would change their behavior if they felt the pain of another. Synesthesia?

What about the little boys who are touched? What about the little boys who saw their mothers abused? What about the little boys who saw their father mistreat women? Will they grow up to be aggressors?

I can’t get aroused by someone who is not aroused. How can they? Pain? Pain is not sexy when some are entering without permission. Submission?

Religion and sexuality? Godly? God is love. Are you giving, loving, living righteously? Non-judgemental of imperfections helping others to be their best self. Maybe the tradition is blinding you from change.

Let’s talk about sex. The good things and the bad things. Kiss the double standards goodbye. Let’s love openly, honestly, respectfully, peacefully, hopefully…



  1. That was awesome!! not at all what I expected

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