Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 7, 2010

The Bath…

…as she prepared for this ritual I watched.

Honey, oats, olive oil? The ingredients multiplied as the warm water flowed. Why such a fuss just for a bath? This bath was beginning to look delicious.

Franchensense? Bath salts added to soothe the skin. She said “this bath is for you.” I smiled. I was surprised. Then I sat in the tub and felt my body release.

My skin was being moisturized, healed, loved, relaxed in the bath. The scents calmed my racing mind. I closed my eyes and left the room…

I remembered swimming in the caribbean ocean. The waves moving taking my troubles away. My mom sending us to the sea to heal ailments. The ocean has always been a special place for me.

I remembered fearing the water because of its power yet feeling at peace because of the serenity the ocean offered me.

I remembered the sun rising and setting on the ocean. The colors in the sky of blue, orange, purple. The smell of salt, the plush greenery, coconut trees, breeze blowing. Me? Swimming enjoying…Aquarius living.

She said, “do you like your bath?” And I snap back to reality. I replied “yes.” I began to explain that I love baths. I love soaking. I love moisturizing the only skin I have. She smiled then said “enjoy.” Before she left the room, my mind drifted…

I saw the coral sand beach. I remembered the kisses. The touch. The love making in the ocean. The fishes swimming by my feet and me looking down in awe at the crystal clear water.

I remembered shapes of clouds in the blue sky above me. Huge clouds caressing the tip of the ocean. I remembered looking out for miles and seeing nothing but beauty.

I felt renewed. I felt refreshed. I felt clean. It wasn’t the ocean, but it was the next best thing…

The Bath



  1. sounds like how I feel after a nice bubble bath… 🙂

  2. Can a sista get some bath salts?? 🙂

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