Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 8, 2010

Rites of Passage

The older brother looked at me and said “We failed you. Our generation failed yours.”

I wonder if we had more prominent rites of passage organizations would we still be a troubled society. What do I mean? Well, have you been around some young minds lately? Do we focus more on our careers than we do on our future as a community?

Imagine a group of wise adult women taking young girls through a ritual of how to be. Would that teach young women self respect? Self love? True aspects of beauty? How to be a mother? They will learn they are the gate keepers and not be manipulated. They will learn sisterhood and not tear down each other. Womanhood?

The men? With wisdom, adult males demonstrating what it means to be a man. The young boys having a strong concept of how to be men after a series of lessons and tests. They learn how to be lovers and fathers from their elders. Can this be?

I still meet grown people figuring out who they are and what they want. Would they be in this state if they had a rites of passage committee? I believe in self discovery but shouldn’t we have a set of life skills before we enter adulthood…

Can we love our future? Invest in our youths so they can see clearly how they should be? Why do I see children disrespecting elders? Will this change? How can we help?

Maybe we can start in our homes and slowly move to our communities. Each person responsible for the other. Can we celebrate all stages of life together?
We are all connected. We feel when someone enters the universe and when someone else leaves. Why block the path of awareness? Exclusivity? Individualistic tendencies? Is technology distracting us from reality?

We are here together. Our choices affect each other. Aren’t there only six degrees of separation? If so, ignoring another’s issue deteriorates our existence. Would the economy matter if we pulled together?

It is a right to be loved, to grow, to learn and pass on wisdom to the next generation. Will you? I think Rites of Passage is a possible solution to a better future. Is it the answer? No, its a start.



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