Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 9, 2010

Principles of Love

Can I love you the way you need me to?

The obstacles seem great but our connection can guide us through. Can I love you completely?

I want to see the world through your eyes. Understand why you think the way you do. Telepathy?

When we get upset, I want to stay in the moment. Can we discuss the issues at hand and not bring up the past? I think we can remain loving despite our temporary anger. Do you?

Do you trust me to love you? Can I trust you to understand who I am? Are we doing what it takes to build a solid foundation?

Emotionally I want to be available to you. Not afraid to show love, inspire love, be loved.

Can we hold hands? Maybe walk down a crowded street and kiss anywhere? Everywhere I want to share affection, show affection, be affectionate with you.

I want to know you like you do. Be inside your soul when you speak of passion. Study you? Be aware. Knowing the depth of you teaches me how to care.

Can I love you the way you need me to?



  1. You begin & end with a very important question.

    In many relationships we may be unable to love someone how they NEED to be loved.

    Our feelings of love for them are secondary to their need to feel the true expression or depth of our love as it relates to their need.

  2. There are days when I feel if cutting my throat would make someone I once loved happy I would gladly give them the knife. I strangely have lived so long without true love that it is not a prerequisite for me to love someone. Why ? Because I need to love to stay alive. If I can’t have what I want then I want someone else to enjoy. I want someone to feel the acceptance I have never had. I want someone to feel the security of knowing that when the chips are down someone has their back. I want to see the joy in their eyes in way I have never seen in mine. I don’t want people to hurt like I have. I don’t want their soul to feel the violation that mine has.

    So the question for me is not can I love someone they way they need to be loved, but can they return the love I give ? Can they live according to this scripture that I so feverently embrace ?

    John 15:13
    Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

    Many cannot because they are not connected to the source of love. I have been told that I am a woman after God’s own heart. If a person doesn’t have a deep relationship with God who is love , they don’t have the power to love unconditionally. You don’t have to love or even like me for me to want to see you happy. God is the same way. Yet while we were sinners and had no knowledge or love for Christ, He died for us.

    So whether I am in a person’s life or not if I said I love you, I meant it. This is true unconditional love. What people confuse is how they WANT to be loved versus how they NEED to be love. Some people are like childern if you don’t give them everything they want even if its harmful they think you don’t love them. True love has boundaries. If saying yes to something today is going to make you resent them tomorrow you are not loving them the way they need to be loved but acting out of fear of losing the realtionship. Perfect love cast out fear.

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