Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 10, 2010

Will You Be My…

Recently I was asked “Reginald, do you celebrate Valentine’s Day or do you ignore it like some men?” Realizing this was a sensitive issue for some I wrote “Principles of Love.”

Why? Well, I wanted to make sure my answer was clear. Do I celebrate Valentine’s Day? Yes and No. Let me explain…

First, if you read my writing you have an idea of my thoughts on love. I feel that if you love, adore, respect someone you will show love daily. Valentine’s Day will be another opportunity to show you care.

Imagine on any given day seeing rose petals from the front door to your bath tub filled with your favorite scents, wine and candles. What would you do different on Valentine’s Day?

What if you received flowers at work for no special occasion saying “I love you and you inspire me to be the best for you.” Wouldn’t you feel loved and appreciated?

Have you read “The Massage?” What about being passionately massaged by your significant other because you needed it. Soft music, candlelight, no stress, just you relaxing, unwinding being loved…

Letters? Love letters, little notes in secret places or on the refrigerator saying “I adore you. Everyday is a joy with you. The effulgence of your smile, aura, vibe excites me.” Showing love completely. Can you?

I understand with our busy lives sometimes we need to set aside a day to be extra special, extra loving. Sometimes we take our lovers for granted and we need a reminder to be affectionate. I wonder if we can see that from birth until we transition we crave a loving embrace.

I’m aware of the historical reference of Valentine’s Day. Its commercial exploitation. That is not my memory. I remember in junior high I bought a flower for a girl I liked. Valentine’s Day was the next day so I put the flower in the freezer so it wouldn’t wither. The next day I caught the bus to school and was excited to present the flower to her at lunch time. I gave her the flower and she half smiled. My friend with more experience took the flower and said “let me show you how it is done.” He handed her the flower with style and she blushed and smiled. That day I learned a valuable lesson. Love needs presentation. It is not enough for someone to know how you feel but more important for them to feel it.

Since junior high I’ve been getting better at showing love, presenting love, letting love be an action word. Would there be such a thirst if we loved compassionately? Intimacy being a part of our daily routine. Loving openly, honestly, thoughtfully…

I love showing love. I enjoy loving in as many ways possible. I don’t need a special day designated to profess my love to you. I can do it now.

Will you be my Valentine?



  1. Thanks for reminding us how high we should hold the bar, Reggie 🙂

  2. Excellently put your writing has become so amazing…keep up the good work 🙂

  3. In total agreement with what you’re saying. Valuable lesson to have learned early on in life.

    Most specially true that love needs presentation.

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