Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 11, 2010

Six Degrees of Separation

Do you know who is next to you? Do you realize what you do can affect someone else?

It is freaky to think how true it is that we live on a small planet. If we were able to see how we are all connected maybe our secrecy would change.

Would we be more compassionate if we realized the person we demonstrated such impudent behavior towards could be responsible for our future safety?

The love: Have you met a lover and discovered the two of you were in the same place years ago? Maybe you stood next to each other and spoke to the same folks but never met until years later?

The dirt: Someone sees you that knows the cousin of your mate. You thought the incident was remote but later realized it wasn’t. Surprised?

Six Degrees of Separation. The world is shrinking. Social Networking? Is it the World Wide Web or the Human Web that always existed?

Maybe we are all intertwined in a larger network which created us. The concept of collective consciousness. The ocean of unlimited knowledge. Our energy. World energy. Divine? However you perceive it, we affect each other more than we acknowledge. Branches on the tree of life that nurtures each one of us. If we allow raising of awareness will we feel each other’s true spirits?

What part are you playing in the equation? You can do something minuscule that can have a tremendous affect on another. Will it be positive or detrimental? You decide.

Should we all have a panglossian view on life? Love each being because you should and/or because you never know how many steps they are away from affecting your future.



  1. Here’s another one: seeing someone over years in different places, cities & states and eventually becoming more closely connected with them.

    I am inclined to believe that we are interconnected and we meet/cross paths with its meant for us to meet.

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