Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 12, 2010

Manipulation or Persuasion

I wonder if manipulation is a part of our daily routine or is it persuasion…

As I observe my sons, I watch them navigate their surroundings. When faced with obstacles, they devise solutions so they can achieve what they want. Is that manipulation?

What about my nephew who is faced with the challenges of being in grade school? Does he have to manipulate circumstances to survive the playground?

We all want to be skillful in our profession. Artful management of our life, right? Don’t we all want to get what we desire?

How cunning are we willing to be to achieve our goals? Will our drive cloud our perception of right and wrong? Do we all manipulate?

Do we play a game where we get what we want from others even when they are not willing initially to give? Some call it marketing. Others call it persuasion. Is that manipulation?

In matters of the heart do we dishonestly get someone to do something they would not normally do? Maybe get them to believe the thought came from within but really it was planted with use of manipulation?

Manipulation is a strong word with great implications. I guess depending on the motivation behind our actions we can inspire positive change or destroy a nation using some form of manipulation.


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