Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 19, 2010

Peace on Stage

I’ve heard many times “Reginald you must watch sunrises, meditate and compose music in the bliss of life.” When I hear this I laugh because it is far from the truth.

Life as a musician can be challenging but the end result is almost worth the hassle.

There are musicians who practice for eight hours everyday then they venture out to perform and make the same as performers did in the 50s. That must be frustrating. Inane?

There are musicians who are brilliant minds yet society looks at what they do as a hobby. I’m sure many musicians get the same reaction when asked what they do for a living. “No seriously, what is your day job?”

Some musicians are forced to do demeaning gigs to make a living and savor the moments when the artistic side can be expressed. Our culture doesn’t look at art the same as it once did. Entertainer? Artist? Puppet?

Some musicians develop the crabs in a barrel mentality. They tear each other down. Sometimes under pricing another saying “I will perform for less.”

I’ve walked the streets and heard gifted musicians playing. Their story closely resembling many people I’ve met over the years. The only difference…homeless.

Some musicians are out of work due to the push of a button. We’ve grown to appreciate artificial. Why? What about organic? Alive?

The game seems the same regardless of the level. The nonsense increases with the price being paid. I guess the human element makes it beautiful and flawed. Duplicity?

Some musicians wonder about the hypocrisy when it comes to what is considered art. They can see systems set up for one style and indigenous genres ignored. Is that fair?

I think many musicians find peace on stage. In the music where that moment of honest expression removes the pain, the musician can finally be free to soar. The experience of life illuminating from the instrument. The message, divine. Can you hear it?

The musician must be perplexed to find out that many don’t understand because they removed the arts from some schools. Was it based on zip codes? Lack of culture? More establishments contain people wanting to be seen than those truly listening. Understanding. Seeing the depth before them unfold. Should the musician dumb it down due to what’s being played on the radio? Should the musician talk about the blatant assault on the intellectual?

Should the musician care? Care about the awareness, the desire, the passion, the love of music. Care about the past, the present, the future. Care about creativity. No more mediocrity. With all the technology, shouldn’t the bar be raised? It seems lowered.

I’m a musician. My mind races with questions seeking answers. When I’m finally in the space I feel at home. I’ve been on stage and all the chaos in my life disappears for that moment in time. It feels great to be free even if it is only for that brief time. Before the performance, I was dealing with the roll-a-coaster of life. After the performance it might be the same, but while performing the feeling of peace, calm and love embodies me.



  1. You know what strangely came to mind reading this ? I can only believe it is the divine speaking. With the death of truth in society so does the death of art. See truth respects nature…when we violate nature we violate truth…when we give into animalistic desires instead of truth we violate nature. For example age old institutions designed by God to protect what nature creates are being redefined in our society. Apparently nature is devoid and apparently nature has screwed up, and our intellect knows better. Natural law is being replaced with positive law.

    The continued removal of any recognition of God removes the very element that helps us enjoy art, because art is the reflection of the spiritual elements we can’t necessarily see or touch. The west is being over run by atheists and human secularists, where the intellect is worshiped rather than the one who created our minds. Intellect doesn’t create beauty, the spirit does.
    Today’s tolerance is a deceptive path that leads to corruption. We think the more liberal and accepting we become the more beautiful our society will become. I like what someone said on FB today “Our Yes is only as strong as our no.” I mean if clean water accepted everything would it be more beautiful or refreshing ? Or see how much amazing energy a river damn creates because of what it holds back ? For me moral law is less about whose bad or whose good, its more about protecting mankind from natural consequences if we freely gave into our passions.

    Finally, today in the west “them belly full but them hungry” the Babylon System grows stronger in sucking the blood of the sufferers…In Revelations it talks about the whore of Babylon…I mean people today whore their minds out to so many different philosophies they can’t remain faithful to one. Anything that itches their ears they accept. They whore their souls to many gods. But those that know truth understand Shema Yisra’el A-dnai Eloheinu Ad-nai Echad.

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