Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 21, 2010

Pan African?

Why shouldn’t I be…

I remember telling someone I believe in the Pan African Movement and they said I’m prejudice. Racist?

I shook my head and asked them if they knew what Pan Africanism meant. Of course their response revealed they didn’t.

Why did Kwame Nkrumah, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Patrice Emery Lumumba, Marcus Garvey, Hugo Chavez, Malcolm X and many others support the Pan African Movement? What about Wangari Muta Maathai, The Queen of Sheba, Oshun, Miriam Zenzi Makeba, Ma’at? Why do many people of African decent want to see a unification of political Africa?

All people should learn about whence they came. The history, the triumphs, the atrocities. As popularized in the “Wizard of Oz” there is no place like home. Afrika?
Af-rui-ka? Birthplace?

Bob Marley sang “Africa Unite” and many still sing along with him. Divide and conquer has been a successful military tactic since the beginning of time. His and Her story changed by the conquerors’ greed.

Renaming of countries. Calling “different” people burnt face. Burning libraries with knowledge of modern day inventions. Its disheartening. Why Pan African?

There is an affinity to ancestry. Looking to the past of great Kings and Queens rich with wisdom that inspires future potential. Learning ancient traditions educating other cultures in martial arts, religion, agriculture, etc. Being a musician and seeing the lineage of instruments that originated on the continent.

Many books, documentaries, media outlets teach those of african decent to despise or be ashamed but the reality, there is a lot to be proud of. The great philosophers celebrated in western culture knew the wealth of knowledge they received from the continent. Pan Africanism, based on my perception, represents reawakening, re educating a legacy that has been belittled in language, history and culturization.

No we are not burnt face people, no we are not ignorant. We are a diverse group of individuals filled with contributions that continue to propel change, love and innovation around the world. Stop changing the images of Buddha, Jesus and other historical figures to fit a false image. Let’s move forward together in peace and authenticity. Can we?

Black history? Human history? African history? Learning about our journey from the beginning of time to present day. Maybe coming up with concepts for a wiser global community.

If you desire a better world, want to see an end to suffering, appreciate truth, base your life on unconditional love, in tune with collective consciousness, drink from the ocean of knowledge then you are probably a Pan African.




  1. Uhmm if Pan-Africanism is racist so is every other pact in the West like the European Union, NATO, World Trade Organization, Etc. I believe none of these very important unions include any African/Black nations…Who ever said that to you is very ignorant and so is everyone who says race doesn’t matter. “Until the philosophy which hold one race superior And another Inferior
    Is finally And permanentlyDiscredited And abandoned -Everywhere is war –
    Me say war.”

  2. How passionately I feel about something or someone changes like the wind or perhaps every passion must eventually give way to reality or reason. How do I feel about Pan Africanism after the ink has dried on my divorce papers from an African man. For me the Bible being my truth and healing source reinforces my view that Blacks in the west who were sold by their African brothers are a Joseph people. Meaning ? Joseph in the Bible was sold by his brothers to Egypt. After many years of captivity, because his heart was pure Joseph was eventually put into a position of power to help save his brothers. Of course Joseph did not do so without testing the hearts of his brothers.
    Historically, Pan Africanism fell apart because the civil liberties that Black Americans so ardently fought for were not extended to Africans by their own African leaders once they came to power and the shackles of colonialism were overturned.
    The point is that Pan Africanism should never be an excuse to overlook nuances of a situation and generalize a continent that is larger than North America. Blacks in the West perceive Africa as a state or an island and its HIGHLY more complex than that. For every Patrice Lumumba there is a Mubuto, for every Jomo Kenyatta there is an Idi Amin for every Reginald Cyntje there is a Se… I digress,lol. Race is not an indicator of moral aptitude. Africans sincerely have a greed problem to deal with. There leaders have a very tribal mentality that is not conducive to nationhood. But that is largely due to the continent’s vastness. Why unify when u can just move somewhere else and start your own nation ?

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