Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 23, 2010

Your Walk

The walk of a woman is filled with rhythm. The melody I hear instructs me in the ways of the ancients.

Do you hear that? The design nature’s marketing tool for the divine dance. Divine love? She commands my attention completely.

The rise and fall of notes. The perfect coraphone ensuring the survival of our race. Nation building? Loving. She walks.

The confidence, the power, the sensuality arouses my intellect, my being. I listen while she speaks without words. What is she saying?

I think she says respect me, understand me, love me, adore me, look at me I’m perfect for you. For a moment? No. Eternity. Is that too long?

Can we mate for life? Some just want to for a moment. Why waste your time? I want to enjoy the walk with you. S-L-O-W wine together. Can we?

Baby, Your walk inspires me.



  1. Wow you must’ve saw something real good walking on HU’s campus this week,lol…May her walk and yours be in rhythm with the love in your heart 🙂

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