Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 24, 2010

Can this be?

…the training began at a young age. Throughout history they all had the same name. Historian?

I hear the rhythm. Its intoxicating. The language, the dancing, the command of knowledge. Can this be me?

The music continues. The lessons on life, rites of passage, family, community. I’m amazed.

To be just a musician is not enough. Its about family, you and me. Its about the past, the present and the future. Its about understanding why we are here. The legacy, story telling.

Telling stories that teach lessons through words or tone poems with rhythms turning the soul on to what is righteous. Humbling the mind so the spirit can speak truth. Interacting on a higher level. Feeding off each other. You telling me what you need, desire and I responding with music that heals, loves, reflects, provokes, teaches, inspires us both.

Superficial does not live here. We are both vulnerable to the dance of life. One foot in tradition the other in the unknown not afraid to explore with wisdom.

Its not about my experience but ours. Send me your energy and let us see what melody we create. Surround me and keep me honest.

Can you hear the song in this piece? Can you hear the song in other writings? What do you hear? Do you understand it?

The melody is constant. Ascending and descending. Approaching by steps or leaps. Tension and release. The drama of music is all around us. In the air we breathe, the sights we see, the beings we touch. What do you feel? What is that mass between us? Is it living? The foundation of our civilization. Can you tell there is a current flowing with divine power?

A magician? A physician? Maybe if those with gifts saw how they affect people they would be more responsible. Can we start focusing on the beauty in music and not just the functionality? Philanthropy?

What’s important? Well, the divine love (define however you see fit), family and community. I see the sun rising and our petals of awareness are opening. Will you join me in building a nation of lovers and conscious warriors fighting for peace and justice? To be more…Can this be me? Together we can inspire the world to be free.


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