Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 21, 2010

The Glass Shattered…

The glass shattered and the liquid flowed…Libation?

I look at kids and they love openly. They trust blindly and they are so forgiving. Will they change like most when they become adults?

Are we too jaded to love without ego? Are we afraid of being hurt? How tall are our fortresses around our hearts? As we grow do we obfuscate love?

I’m a dreamer. I dream of a community of people looking out for each other. I dream of a place where the strength of the community starts with the family. I dream of building a nation of lovers, doers, nurturers. Do you have that dream?

When the glass shatters it breaks into a million opportunities of creativity. Imagine if we took one piece and began doing. We can add sunshine, water, understanding, love and persistence. What will we discover? Fresh perspective? Different perception?

Mother Earth grows everyday despite the damage done by the pollutants of her inhabitants. Each day the sun shines and sets. Her fluids being drained yet she spins feverishly creating life. Can you do the same?

There is a community in need of your love. Your smile is desired to warm the heart of someone else. Your spark is part of the electricity that energize this planet. We are all connected to the tree of life. Is that air between us or is it a living unseen being?

I am a dreamer. I believe if we raise our awareness we will inspire others to do the same. We can teach each other to reach our full capacity as light spirits on this small planet. Can we? Will we?



  1. If we were all lovers, doers and nurturers, what a wonderful world this wold be!

  2. If we, then we can and it will flourish.

  3. Dreams are fine as long as you can handle reality. Some say that people dream and live in the future because they cannot handle the present. It is an universal principle that with every good there is a bad. With love comes hurt, pain, and disappointment. With community comes disorder, chaos, akwardness, etc.

    Like New Edition sung “Can you stand the rain ?”

    I also find those that are so obsessed with community and family are the most cultish people.Much like the one party system in African and socialist governments, some communities become stagnant and place too high of a demand on consensus building. But people are naturally against change. So, dissent is good. Growing pains are great. Free thought excellent.

    Perhaps because I was born on Independence Day but I value rugged individualism and believe it is necessary for progress. I do not want a community of one color, one thought, one religion. A rainbow is beautiful because of its diversity. Music that based on one note is simply a monotonous drone.

    The reality is that not everyone wants community, not everyone understands and not everyone has the same concept of love. Your love is not my love. Your community doesn’t look the same as mine.

  4. A one note samba can have many overtones. It just depends on who’s ears, hearts and minds are tuned to hear them. It also depends on the chords that dance around the one note that truly make the song.

    If that one note is love, let our chords be colorful enough that the many expressions of love fill the voids where and when necessary.

    If that note be community, let it be many micro communities within the macro of cooperation and collaboration…and progressive conversation between us all.

    One political system still allows for varying opinions on various topics, but in the end, the theme is all for one and one for all, and not some for few and less for many others.

    We can dream our realities into existence… some say all reality begins with the dropping of a dream seed, the sprinkling of rains of positive intention and the sprouting of hope and faith on a new morning of eye opening sunshine.

    Let us dream together. The more of us dreaming it, the more likely it is to become a greater reality through our wake actions, thoughts and behaviors.

    In peace, humility and anticipation…

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