Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 25, 2010

Which side will you be on

The place where I grew up is under attack.

Tourism? So important that the community is ignored while extra cops are sent to high tourist areas. Are the lives of tourists more important? Or is it the proposed money they bring? Is that money invested in the community or the new police vehicles parading the island?

Education? Many are being educated but many more are witnessing dim futures lit by the reality of depleting employment. Because I’m a young black male you won’t hire me? Do you think mainland degrees are more special than those that come from your own University?

Government? Corrupted with people voted in because they throw the best parties. Selling off the island piece by piece taking under the table bribes from those not interested in preservation, community or the greater good.
Maybe you are too busy managing scandals from ruining young impressionable ladies’ lives instead of nurturing the community who elected you?

People? There are a group of folks who kill without purpose, respect, honor or cause. They attack others in nefarious ways that poison the life blood of hope. Stray bullets take innocent lives of folks passing by. Broad daylight? Laying in the streets for hours before police arrive. But calls are made/answered immediately when tourists are attacked?

Music? So much history of creativity. Many greats being inspired by the arts and beauty of the tropical city. Historically a port where different minds met and grew. Now it is hard to find anything going on. What happened to the breeding ground for culture? What happened to the songs that would foster change? What is the new rhythm coming from the waves, air and earth of the islands? Is it time for a new “Fiyah bun?”

Gentrification? Are you raising property taxes to price people out of their homes to build “new development?” Where are they supposed to go? House boats? The streets? Leave the island?

The place where I grew up is under attack by many who don’t care. There is a movement coming. There is a movement festering under the haze of corruption. There is a new day on the horizon inspired by love, frustration, tradition bearers, leaders, speakers, believers.

Which side will you be on? Are you a part of the problem or the solution? Many are there seeking change and many are coming back to join the fight. Balance must be restored for the future. Let’s start with love, build awareness and continue the legacy.



  1. I would love to see the positive organizations put their differences aside and join forces to create change. The other side is united under the need for greed.

  2. All I can say to this is that the wealth of the wicked shall become that of the righteous. Man cannot fight this battle only the Lord. Human solutions cannot combat spiritual problems.
    It takes faith to fight against these problems because the reward is not on earth but in heaven. Always remember no problem can stand against the continuous power of prayer.

    Some ideas:
    Are the thieves that needed to be policed homegrown ? Community watch and spiritual education.

    Corrupt leaders need spiritual education as well or at the very least business ethics.

    The sad truth is there has to be some economic reason to change a political system. No matter what people read in the history books movements are only successful if someones pocket book is hurt. Do research on Tamney Hall, the FBI’s onslaught of the Mafia. There is a framework in history somewhere for what you are trying to do, you just need to find it. As it is written there is nothing knew under the sun. No use reinventing the wheel if there is already one on a dusty old freedom bus somewhere,lol.

  3. The crime problem is idleness and a failure to reach out to the discouraged youth. Vocation has save numerous young men in my age bracket. They had a trade and a way to feed themselves and their family so they didn’t need crime. Presently a growing amount young men have been thrown out or dropped out of school. They have no positive role models to encourage them back into school or some form of uplifting practice. The product is an angry uneducated unskilled young man. He has no marketable skills to get a job so therefore he has no money. He sits around with more uneducated unemployed youngmen idly. Idle minds are the devil’s workshop so all this free time allows negative influences to take over and you have the beginning of a criminal. While people are out to work they burglarize. Eventually after numerous burglaries they will get their hands on a weapon. Now your burglar will become a robber with enough temptation and bad influence. The ill gotten goods will be spent on drugs, alcohol, partying and flashy things. When the money runs dry they rob and steal again. To maintain their new status of glamour and partying they become career criminals. So now you have an uneducated armed young man who wants riches quickly. Imaginge 100 of these on one 33sq mile island. There is your crime wave.

  4. There are numerous ways to curb youth crime.

    1. Enforce a territory wide curfew law that requires all thos under 18 to at home by 10 oclock. The parents of these children should have to appear in court and pay no less than a $500 on the first offense. Any more offenses and the parent will be investigated by child services and appear at a competency hearing.

    2. Enforce truancy vehemently. Three unexcused absences from school and the previously mentioned penalties should occur.

    3. All Public Housing have a no loitering policies they need to be enforced. By removing the loiterers there will be less guys dealing in the projects. Give hefty fines and evict repeat offenders. Evict anyone who is found in possesion, distributing or trafficking drugs.

    4. Mandate any youth offender who pleads guilty to a crime and requests probation obtain a GED, obtain a vocational trade certificate and 1500 hrs community service. Busy people have no time for crime.

    5. Drugs and weapons charges will not be expunged for before 5yrs of the conviction. (A certain senator’s son had his expunged 6mos after the offense.)

    These were the ones I had on the top of my head.

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