Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 27, 2010

Post Racist Society?

The truth? I would like it to be. The reality? Many of us still are not holding hands looking at each other as equals.

Recently I took my sons to the playground. We began playing early in the day. This playground was off the beaten path. We noticed that a little girl, who happened to be white, got up and left when we arrived. Maybe she felt her “space” was threatened? Shortly after, two older kids showed up and one of my sons said “Hi kids, would you like to play?” The kids did not respond. They looked at my son as if he was an alien. My son was clean, respectful and friendly. Regardless, these young white kids looked at him as if he was nonexistent.

My sons were surprised by their reaction considering they have played with various kids from different nationalities in the past. My sons continued playing and the two older kids left. As the day continued my boys tried repeatedly to speak to the other kids on the playground but they were ignored. One said “Daddy why are the kids not speaking?” I replied “home training.”

We all know why our society has these problems. With all the information out there, kids and adults continue to fight against equality. Recently, with the news of healthcare reform being signed into law, we heard of how law makers of African descent or law makers of different sexual orientation were disrespected verbally and/or spit on. Why? When some white crooks on capital hill sign crappy bills, do you see protesters using white derogatory names or spitting?

I’m raising freedom fighters. I’m raising compassionate men. I’m preparing my speech for when my sons have their first moment of someone calling them a racist name. Hopefully it never happens. Hopefully if it does they will be well equipped to handle the situation.

Post racist society? Not yet. The media paraded the idea that since the election of President Obama we have moved on. The reality, President Obama is doing things to help people who don’t respect him as a human being. His color is his flaw in their eyes. It is funny seeing a white woman using racist slurs when white women benefited the most from the civil rights movement.

The unfortunate thing is that it is hard to find a country without these issues of hate. The crimes against brown are prevalent in many countries. The notion that lighter is better was ingrained during a time when countries were invaded. By who? Hmmm, a people who looked at different as bad. The esemplastic ideology of the invaders poisoned the natural flow of ideas. Skin whitening creams later developed to reach a false sense of beauty. White is right? Self love degraded to love of another more than self. I wonder, did the Moors piss off a group of people? Some feel that even with admitting where civilization began, in another land is where the improvements of human kind are perfected. Ancient statues, artifacts and even surviving documents paint a picture of what used to be and what could be again if we chose not to hate. Little girls of color should not be called a monkey in a diverse community like the Netherlands or anywhere else but it still happens in 2010.

Despite the atrocities motivated by hate, I look forward to change. I look forward to understanding. I know human beings will always be territorial but why should we hate because of skin shade? What about character? What about love? What about compassion? What about awareness? What about a better future for our kids?



  1. First and foremost great article and an even better example of a good father. It’s a shame your children to deal with the cold realities of this country so early, but as you said you are raising freedom fighters so you know what the life liberationists entails. I truly do hope you continue prepare them.
    Onto your theories on perception being recreated by our conquerors have you heard of the Implicit Association Test ran by Harvard? If not please go take there race test here you will be shocked.
    I also have a few articles I believe will help shed some more light on being an minority in this country so stop by and check us out at

  2. Awareness, does it really began at home ? Broken families, fatherless homes, drugs. It will take all of us to make the changes. Each one of us must step up and be prepared to answer the hard ungly questions.

  3. I went through a whole phase where I was afraid to take my daughter outside, in fear of someone calling her the n- word. She is horribly out of shape because of it. Nevertheless, is a broken heart any different than when its given by a person of the same race ? Hurt, pain are apart of life. Change is never going to happen because we live in a fallen world. We sometimes get so busy fighting for change we forget how to cope with reality.

    I guess as a black woman I haven’t figure which is worst being called a b$$ch, treated like a second class citizen in the jazz world by black men or the cold stares of a white woman who is intimidated by my intelligence. Thankfully I am a pretty nice person, so people don’t come at me like that often. It is more subtle.

    My point is, as I have traveled in very different kinds of worlds there is no utopia on this planet. All Christian ? Denominational differences. All Black ? Classism, sexism. Multicultural ? Lack of respect for history. You know I tend to be realist which is probably why I am depressed all of the time,lol….But as long as sin is in the world schisms and isms will exist.

    Teach your kids too cope, don’t paint a pretty picture…Teach them to create their own community of like minded people. Teach them to discern character. I mean because when they do find those people who share the same ideals and goals they will know how to cherish them like treasures.

  4. I, too, look forward to the evolution of change….

  5. I’m on board wit you Angela noting last forever.

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