Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 29, 2010

Rallying the Troops – The Virgin Islands Movement for Change

Even in the most desolate of environments, life will find a way.

The air is stale. Can you smell it? Its filled with the lack of creativity that fosters stagnation. People are talking. They are planning how to systematically build a future that will ensure positive change for their offspring.

We the people have allowed the soil to lose its luster. The nutrients in the earth, that reproduce life, have been under attack by a group of lost and greed-driven individuals. We the people have been so caught up in our day-to-day that we did not stop the depletion of hope when the draining of our beloved society started.

The air is stale. Filled with lost souls polluting the minds who are ready to bear fruit but feel they must reestablish their roots somewhere else. They do not realize their roots are needed to filter the attacks on the place we all love and know as home.

The troops are rallying. Why? Well, throughout time, when the situation becomes desperate, the measures to solve are extreme. The universe always regains balance. Its natural. The history of our short existence on this small planet shows us what happens; a movement is born.

A movement that brings foes and friends together to seek change. Organizations working separately find ways to work together to achieve a common goal. A movement is for the people by the people. A grass roots spark that starts, spreads and takes off like wild fire. Its the collective consciousness. Its divine intervention. Its love. Its hope. It’s a belief in something larger than self.

Artists will stop, for a moment, talking about self and speak about the community. Little kids will become freedom fighters. Fighting fire with the crystal clear ocean of consciousness.

Political parties will want to associate themselves with the movement because it represents the voice of the people. Demonstrations will organize with representation from various groups speaking truth together. Maybe create an annual festival and inspire existing festivals. Can you feel the life returning?

Education and awareness? The students will know their history and create a new found spirit of hope that’s infectious to anyone in their presence. The air will be filled with creativity. Minds dreaming of a future and instantly turning those dreams into reality.

Remember the fields of crops? Maybe they will return. Maybe there will be new exports. The time is now. We are rallying the troops.

If you want to see positive change in the Virgin Islands, you are part of The Virgin Islands Movement for Change. If you want the corruption to diminish in the government, you are a part of The Virgin Islands Movement for Change. If you already have an organization doing community outreach, sharing cultural heritage, creating awareness and pride, you are a part of The Virgin Islands Movement for Change.

There is strength in numbers. Petty differences are not important now. We have to come together under a common goal. We are aware of the large sums of money passing through the Virgin Islands yet the community is struggling, the schools need refurbishing, the books are sitting in warehouses waiting to be distributed or not bought.

The winds of change are here to cleanse the air. Let us set sail and begin our journey together. I want this for my family, my friends, my community. The Virgin Islands community nurtured me. I can’t sit back and watch as her beauty is tainted and attacked. The solution? The movement. With love, determination, action, organizing, hope and desire we will prevail.



  1. This is real! I agree…lets help this movement gain momentum & take us to higher highs!

  2. You have said a mouthful Reginald. The common practice of ignorance and resisting change must end. How can the youth bear the fruit of prosperity when their nourishment is corruption and the resistance to change? They were born to parents who were too young to have children and hardly know how to nurture their hunger for knowlege while the pains of hunger are still present. Crime in the VI is simply caused by the fulfilment of this hunger by lawlessness, selfishness and lack of education. The youth must be nourished and their curiosity filled with love, knowlege and encouragement in the right direction.

  3. Hotep (Peace & Harmony):
    Share the vision with proactive work that will institutionalize and not just verbalize the changes needed to restore the dignity, honor, integrity, balance and harmonious respect due to our pristine Virgin Islands and beyond. “The basis for change is internal; the conditions for change are external.” Let’s gather, unite and organize our next practical movements for “improving the quality of life” for our VI- HEAL VI!
    HEAL VI is one of several initiatives of Per Ankh Institute (a 501C3 based in St. Croix with global projects) in concert with our NUWOMANRising with LIVE UP initiatives for women and girls health and holistic wellness, we are ready to continue to participate in the “VI Movement for Change”.
    May the Doers gather together and restore truth, harmony, justice, balance, order, reciprocity (Maat) and much more where we are and beyond!
    Remain in light, proactive and organized for the living revolution for that is what real movements do.
    Shem Hotep, Dr. ChenziRa

  4. […] helped me feel amazing in the process.  And let me not forget the night’s lead trombonist, Reginald Cyntje, whose Dominican and Virgin Island roots, with the help of the band, created a musical vibration […]

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