Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 21, 2010

Why have a movement?

“A stick is straightened while still young.” African Proverb

Why have a movement?

The movement is for the VI youth. They represent the future of our society. As parents, we want them to succeed. The parent who works three jobs just to make enough to get by wants the best for their child. The teacher who spends all day on the frontline inspiring other children to learn wants the best for their child. The police officer who took an oath to protect and serve the community wants the best for their child. The politician making laws that will affect the entire community wants the best for their child. Even the drug dealer who makes money off the souls of others wants the best for their child.

We are all in this together. Everyone benefits from mentoring a child. As adults, how can we not support an effort to uplift a young mind? How can you not support an initiative that will instill self-love and respect into young girls and boys?

In society we can all disagree, but we have to function within society’s systems. The movement is not only about teaching a child how to function within these systems, but transcending the status quo and striving for excellence. The elders told us “when you leave the island, you have to represent on a high level.” They said “be proud of where you’re from and make sure you return to share what you’ve learned.” Da VI Passe is large mehson. The movement is about using the VI diaspora to ignite a fire in a child. Letting the child encourage other young minds to shine. As parents, we want our kids to shine.

How can we not support the movement? Children are the life blood of our VI community. As parents we must encourage them to be their best selves. The rays of sunshine that illuminate from inspired children can change the landscape of an entire community.

Let us assist parents and teachers. Its time to move towards positive change and utilize our strengths to create sustained life for our future leaders. Let us make sure our children spring forward and progress, not fall back into hopelessness.

You are the movement.


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