Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 22, 2010

Each one, Teach one

The fire of change is spreading. Virgin Islanders have much love in their hearts. Fear is a learned behavior. So, we are learning that we need not fear because our strength is in unity. The love in our hearts is guiding everyone to make a difference.

VI Massive! We are impressive. How? These small group of islands have created a large effect on the world. Our pride comes from the fact that there is nothing typical about us. If we step back into history, we will learn of our great ancestry. Sheroes, heroes, Queens and Kings from distant lands flowing through our blood. Our destiny is to build on the legacy. Each generation must be better than the next.

Each one must teach one. Mentoring? Unconditional loving! Despite the negativity we must rise as a community. From the youngest to the oldest we Virgin Islanders must come together and support one another. Whatever your age, you must help someone younger.

How? You are blessed with a gift. Take your blessing and share it with at least one person. After sharing, ask that individual to do the same. Each one, teach one. If we can love our neighbors like family, we can create positive change.

Now is the time for social justice. Awareness, accountability and unity. In life, we need to be conscious of our surroundings to make the best decisions. What choices will we make for our community? Will we complain or will we come up with solutions to implement daily? What part will you play in the formation of the ‘UNITED’ Virgin Islands where every resident is their neighbors’ keeper?

Waiting for someone else to do for you is not an option. You must rise for the future of our youth. Everyone from 5 years old to 105 must chant VI Massive. We must understand what that means. Let the spirit of the “fiyah bun” propel you into action.

The movement has begun. The people are ready. We no longer want to be treated as unwanted guests in our home with powers that be only catering to tourists. Our human rights have been compromised. Virgin Islanders are rising for positive constructive change. Wolves in sheep clothing will claim change but it is up to you ensure that the truth will be verbalized, shared and voted on.

Each one, Teach one.


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