Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | June 4, 2010


There is a time when every human being questions faith. Believing in the unseen is hard for the logical mind.

Faith and spirituality guide us through life. Each region of the world was given a moral compass based on the inhabitants of that region. God, the maker of the heaven and the earth, knew that we differ in culture but are similar in thought. Religions of the world were developed to fit the cultural being. This can be examined by looking at how cultures vary around the world and at how world religions are related.

Each religion has a set of rules to be followed with wisdom, not with literal blindness. These rules gives us a moral compass. Without our moral compass we are lost. We are without the light that guides us when we can’t see, or when our vision is blurred. Human beings need rules to deter chaos. We so easily get caught up in the faults of imperfect beings and miss the lessons from the Creator.

Whether you believe in God or science we all have a beginning. An energy that began with life and transfers from one living being to the next. Life is precious. The spirit housed in the body needs nurturing. Will we nurture our spirit? Will we pass on our moral values that have guided us since the beginning of time?

There are many elements which will create solutions within our community. The moral compass guides the little voice in our head telling us to stay away from situations that will bring us harm. There are many lost souls. There are many broken compasses.

How will we heal our youth in the VI? Love. Faith. Hope. Determination. Do you believe?



  1. This is kind of like those pastors that say alot of pretty words but give no application. What is the point of abstract concepts without clear application ? When you speak of morality are speaking of Kantianism or Utilitarianism ? Charisma without substance…”Keep Hope Alive”….20 years later many of us are still hopeless. Maybe its because I grew up 15 minutes from DC all my life and see how charismatic leaders are more piped pipers than true agents of change. Why ? No true fear of God.

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