Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | June 24, 2010


There comes a time when we must face our fears. In that moment the mind decides if love, insanity or both will take over.

Trust sustains our interpersonal relationships. If we lose trust, the balance of day to day life becomes hard to maintain. We listen to the survivors of life’s roller coaster share wisdom on how to ride the wave but the experience of going through can sometimes block out the wise words of elders.

Saying “No I don’t want to deal with this” is not an option for the mind that understands responsibility. Dignity? Trust? Love? The romanticized fantasy is not the reality of this moment of contemplation. The clock ticks as time changes. The seconds grow into hours leading up to the point of no return. Plans? Altered due to the importance of being true to the future.

The future cannot be separated from the present. Today must be nurtured so tomorrow can be. This day is unlike any other experience and now the true test of character is revealed. Pride? Adulthood. The story reads like a novel with suspense, drama and a complex plot. What now? Love hard?

The desire to love is clouded by actions taken to create questions. Confusion? Yes. There is a reluctance to give in to the lesser self. The goal is to achieve the greater good. It is hard. Knowledge seems like a weakness and ignorance as a strength. The poison of information only strangles hope. What will be? Will love find a way? All that is left to do is pray.



  1. Interesting piece.

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