Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | June 25, 2010

Passion Dance

…the moment came to light after years of talking. Who knew we would fall so deep? The initial conversation revealing the depths of our souls with ease. No reservations or so it seemed. Our eyes met and our souls knew what would happen next. Connection?

We introduced ourselves and our spirits smiled. I felt comfortable telling my life story when our eyes first met. Her being accepted me unconditionally. How can we communicate so much with just a brief moment? We exchanged info and everyone else knew what just happened except our conscious minds. Before I knew it, she was gone and I wondered if I would see her again.

I called her that night and said “Hi, it was a pleasure meeting you earlier today.” I could feel the smile in her voice when she responded. Over the next few years we talked and shared whenever we could. How could a brief moment leave such an impact?
One day, I learned of her arrival in the city. Our schedules were different but my desire was strong to see her. Altering schedules seemed impossible but we both cancelled afternoon meetings to meet. We made time for lunch. I watched her walk into the restaurant and emotions flooded my thoughts. I stood up as she got closer to the table. I smiled and said “it’s been 3 zillion years since I’ve seen you.” She laughed and I wanted to scream YOU ARE the ONE but I kept my cool. We sat and ordered some appetizers. She commented on the artwork on the wall as we waited. We both loved how the afternoon sun reflected off the wine glasses at the bar and added various colors to the restaurant. We smiled as our eyes met. At that moment she touched my hands and I felt a strong surge of energy flow between us. She said, “I think I need to miss my flight.” I prayed that she would but I did not say it out loud.

I gave her a hug and told her I will miss her. She smiled and said she will see me soon. After she left the restaurant, I waited for a moment hoping she would return. The sky grew dim and it began to rain. At that moment, my phone rang. When I answered, her voice was on the other end. She said “my flight has been delayed, I would love to spend the evening with you.” For a short period of time, I thought I was hearing things. I quickly got my composure. This was going to be our first time alone together.

We met at her hotel room and attempted to leave for dinner. Instead, we sat on the bed like two lost lovers. My hands slowly touched her face. I closed my eyes and saw her beauty clearly. She said, “I’ve loved you for centuries and I’ve been awaiting your return.” She called me her King and I replied “My Queen.” She wrapped her arms around me and I felt at home. My mind racing, I thought to myself that I’ve never felt this way before and she said “me neither.” She began to cry and apologized for her tears. Then said, “I’ve never been this happy.” I kissed her gently and felt our spirits intertwine as we embrace. She pulled away and held my hands…

She said, “What is going on? What is happening? We are not children. Do we really want to go down this road?” Surprisingly, she was not scared. I responded, “life is too short to play games. Some people go through life never experiencing this type of connection. We are fortunate to have found each other and be given the opportunity to love.” Before I could finish speaking she kissed me and I felt a warm sensation travel through my entire being. I felt love in her eyes, her touch, her words, her spirit and her kiss. She inspired me.

Is this what they mean to love hard? I’ve dreamed of this moment but the reality far exceeds my wildest imagination. We spent the night understanding why we were given the opportunity. Our souls celebrated our union as we talked until sunrise. Passion Dance? The morning found us transformed into beings connected beyond comprehension.



  1. Why is she making all the moves ? Why does she have to miss her flight ? Why does she have to sacrifice more than you to make the dance happen ?
    When sex is on the line men with pull out the stops but when they have a chance at love courage is absent…WTH ?!!

  2. Powerful

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