Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 7, 2010

Reaching the soul

As I rode the train, I was amazed at the scenery that surrounded me. The people from all walks of life carrying on various conversations or silently enjoying their only moment of peace. The blurred greenery began to take shape as my mind escaped reality. The train came to a stop and new passengers boarded the train. I wondered if I would maintain my solitude. As I drifted off to sleep I heard, “excuse me is this seat taken?” I replied, “no.”

The train began a smooth acceleration until the sounds of moving, talking, rustling papers, mp3 players and my new guest woke me up.

“Hi!” I made small talk and felt an openness to the thoughts of my mind so I asked, “Can I ask you a question? Is it too painful to reach the soul? Are we afraid of what we will find?

I don’t mean to startle you but I can’t stand listening to the clamoring of sounds permeating the air with a soulless quest for capital gain…What is that? Is that music?”

They said, “this is life. I would rather have fun because most don’t know how to reach my soul.” I wonder if that is true. Is the one eye oddity seeking any temple for a momentary spiritual escape? Are the days of nurturing the temple gone? Does love grow in the warm temple or only pain?

We looked at each other with the same thought, why is the person two seats ahead blasting music loudly through their head phones?
The music continued playing lacking substance. Are we comfortable with mediocrity? Failed compositions reach critical appeal by the masses. Have our standards been compromised?

Then I heard, “some people are so inconsiderate.” Hmmm, are lovers of life labeled radicals while those who use and abuse are considered normal? Is this true?

I commented on my neighbor’s mobile device. They asked “why do you use blackberry?” I said “I can type faster using the blackberry keyboard.” As we continued our discussion about the phones I looked around at how many people were not talking and wrapped up in the mobile communication. Are we distracted by our devices of confined personal space? We no longer see flowers blossom. We force petals open before time. Will
we humble our beings and begin to see light? Love?

Love is the ocean of unlimited consciousness. Love allows us to see. Let us begin our path of reaching the soul so our music can once again heal, nurture, inspire and be…real.

“I appreciate you” should be how we normally greet each other. The lessons of our ancestors guiding us as the dream of tomorrow becomes reality. You, me, us nation building. Loving honestly creating melodies of hope and understanding.

Oh say can you see how we can be if we only begin with love. Reaching the soul can be the norm and not a specialty only experienced by a select few.

I ended the conversation by saying “it was a pleasure meeting you. Have a fabulous day. I appreciate you.”



  1. How come I never get appreciated ? LOL
    Driving deep into a soul is painful. Love is like sex (its not sex but its like it) in the sense you need friction to get a release. Some people can’t handle being penetrated it scares them and if they are not fully read to be penetrated the friction is uncomfortable and they have to stop.
    Some people are just not wet enough for love 😉

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