Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 17, 2010

The Vibe

…the temple was inviting but the spirit did not feel right. In a world of physical desire, I seek the mystical. At this stage in my life, I cherish spiritual connections. The vibe? The moment you feel something beyond the tangible.

As I explore the city streets at night, I’m surprised by the lack of imagination. I can see the outline before the mind is exposed. One evening my attention was caught by this beautiful flower. She smiled and my spirit felt the truth!? I wanted to say “sister you are starting a revolution by not exposing your assets” but I didn’t.

We walked past each other and the opportunity was lost. Regrettably, I made my way to my gig. My mind stayed on the beautiful flower as I wondered if I should have spoken. I put the thought out of my mind. We began the set, “1…2…1, 2, 3, 4 and she walked in. What? How? Why? I mean, thank you. I began playing. The music came out of me as movements of love to be. What is her name? I didn’t know but I was captivated by her smile. There is a force emanating from her being. Our eyes connected and she began using my horn as a vessel to compose melodies of passion that could be. I let her. I felt her spirit intertwined with mine. They communicated.

I opened my eyes, she smiled then said close them silently. Her legs shifted and her eyes looked deep into my soul. What is her name? Will she leave before the set is over? I had to focus. We finished out the set. Then I walked over to her. She stood up. We began to speak at the same time. We laughed and I motioned for her to speak first. She introduced herself and I did the same. Then I said “what just happened?” She said “our souls know and our bodies need to catch up.”

How do you feel so comfortable with a stranger? We talked the whole break. I listened. She listened. We both learned. I asked her will she stay and she replied “for as long as you will have me.”

Each set grew in intensity. Each note I played was inspired by her. As I packed up she came over and asked “where are we going to watch the sunrise?”



  1. Why is it all your writings end with sex ? One night stands ? If a woman wants a man bad enough she will put on a good front to get him in bed. She respects herself so much that she is willing to sleep with this man after hearing him play one time ? Intense emotion is not necessarily intimacy. SMH…I hope you can inspire people eventually to want more for themselves in terms of relationships.

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