Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 20, 2010

Perfections vs Imperfections

As life matures into a complex flavor of experiences, circumstances and decisions, do we ever become perfection? Are we given a block of wood at birth and our life’s purpose is to sculpt a masterpiece?

I appreciate the uniqueness of the people I care about deeply. Their imperfections add to the composition of their original melody. Carbon copies seem unnatural in a world of originality. There seem to be those who want everyone to have the same outlook. What is perfection for one might be a different thing for another. I wonder if we are all chefs seasoning the pot to our personal taste?

Perfect world? For who? We are varied in our thoughts as human beings. Our sense of perfection differs greatly. What about the other inhabitants of this planet? They contribute more at times. Do they have a say? What about peace, social justice and unconditional love for all?

The music of life is always present. As our awareness grows what might seem ugly becomes beautiful and that which seems pleasing becomes bland. How imaginative can we be with a block of wood? What is at the center of the four corners?

On our journey to discovery will we be leaders or followers? Will we be regurgitations of past, present or peers? Will we be real living individuals working together? Will we love the only being like us on earth or will we strive to be like someone else?

We are born, live, then transcend. What will we do with our time here on this small planet? Will we embrace our perfections/imperfections? Can we be our true self with guidance?

How do you feel about perfections and imperfections?



  1. I really personally don’t mind imperfections in people as long they know they are there. I have more respect for the individual who says “I’m screwed up but I am working on it” than the Narcissist who puts the blame on others. The Bible talks about how God doesn’t want sacrifice or perfection but a broken and contrite heart He will NEVER deny.

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