Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 21, 2010

Pineapple juice

Some people love bananas, others strawberries, even mangos get attention but me, I love pineapples.

I wonder how many people would indulge if they only knew what pineapples can do. When folks became wise of the healing properties of garlic, others suffered. But the story differs with pineapple juice.

To eat and drink pineapples are part of my daily routine energizing my spirit with each experience. They are nature’s healing fruit. Colds, fevers, skin, digestion and taste. Yes taste. The more we drink the better we taste.

No canned pineapples please. The fresh tropical fruit is all you need. If you want to promote good health and tantalize your taste buds and/or someone else’s, enjoy fresh pineapples.

Pineapples help reduce swelling, tenderness, mucus and pain. A truly delicious fruit, the pineapple has been a staple of the caribbean culture for many years. Brazil? Hawaii?

Don’t over do it. Moderation please. Pineapples a delicacy? Maybe. Do you have a heart condition? Hmmm, pineapple juice can help you with your physical and emotional heart. Why don’t you have some today? Maybe instead of wine at a romantic dinner, you should consider pineapple juice?

Will you purchase a fresh sweet smelling pineapple? Please stay away from the bad smelling ones. They are probably not good for you.

I love the sweet taste of pineapples. The sweet smell of pineapples. The healing properties of pineapples. Strawberry? No! A juicy pineapple for me.



  1. Greetingz, ive just recently found out about your blog frm a dear friend and i really enjoy your posts. I am also a lover of pineapple. Funny enough thats the only thng i craved when i was pregnant:-)soo tasty and refreshing. I was also wondering if uve heard of a girl called Siya Makhuseni? She is a very talented young South African thrombonist (plz excuse my spelling) shez cool and a very humble soul. Thanx again for sharing your thoughts with us. Strength

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