Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 24, 2010


Over the years I’ve met great musicians from various backgrounds. When they get on the bandstand their love for music is expressed without prejudice. I love it.

What would happen if we love our neighbors like family? What would happen if we walked a step in someone else’s shoes? Would we become more aware?

As political parties take to the streets fueling racial divide I wonder about responsibility. The common citizen might not research the detailed history of this country so why would a politician speak poison?

Is it so important to be re-elected that you spit false stories to blind believers? What about your family? Do you want them raised in lies? Most in this country came from somewhere else except for the remaining indigenous few. What about you? Were your ancestors forced from a distant land to work for free? If they were would you change your tune? Regardless, our ancestors fought for this country’s freedom. Who benefited? Who set up generations off the backs of free labor?

Will you tell the truth about different people fighting for freedom or will you tell your version of history because you know the less informed are listening? You don’t believe in fair treatment for all people until it affects you? You don’t believe in affirmative action because you think some are given a chance and others over looked? Be sure that those finally given an opportunity are not weak. They must rise above the rest. Let us not talk about nepotism allowing C- students into “prestigious” institutions. If that was an “other” they would be shown the door.

History has been documented to teach us how not to make the same mistakes. Tea Party? Malicious policy? You bring up the Black Panther Party whose sole mission was to help the deprived African-American community. This group of individuals were murdered by corrupt agencies. Now we have flourishing racist groups because they disagree with the president. Where were they when the previous oval office dweller was making bad economic, health, social, military -and the list goes on- decisions? Realistically because of this country’s history we are all family but that story is for another time.

Are some people only citizens when they are needed to fight a war? We are in the 21st Century. We should be in a place where we are judging people on their character, happy that someone is in office looking out for the people. We are heading in a dangerous direction with misinformed bigots expressing falsehoods.

I have children. When we go to the pool, I enjoy seeing them play with other individuals their age. If you saw my boys at the pool would you call them a racist name? Would you pull your children out of the water when we arrived? Would you think they were beneath you because they are different? Do you travel the world and expect other cultures to change their routine to fit what you think is right?

The truth is in the divine lesson. Can you humble yourself to see the reality of the planet we live on? Diversity?


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