Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 27, 2010

The Tree of Life

The seed is planted and life begins. The roots penetrate the earth and the stem reaches for the source, light.

What can we learn from trees? They absorb the nutrients from the earth and purify the pollution caused by those who seek to destroy. As the tree grows, the branches spread out taking in levels of life, energy. We perceive the vision of the tree differently but the reality is the same.

Have you ever climbed a mature tree? The energy intensifies as you reach the top only to see there is more. Are the answers in the trees?
Who is at the center when roots meet stem?

What would happen if we realized we were looking at the same tree? The language we use might differ depending on our awareness but the same living being stood before us. The cycle the same. The lesson the same. Are we all connected?

When we go beyond the basic teachings and dig deeper into the truth, what will we find? Societies of people practicing similar rituals? Does language divide us or ignorance? Is the lack of knowledge bliss or blinding?

What do we find in the tree of life? The energy in one region is the same in another but the name is changed because of culture. Are you open to the truth? Are you willing to open your heart to see that we are part of the same tree?

The tree celebrates nature. The tree connects the elements. The tree creates balance. What would happen if we were more like trees? We can’t exist without the tree so why do we mistreat our life source?

Why do some try to keep us apart? Are they trying to control us? Maybe they are blind to the truth. What about those who know but refuse to teach? Will the truth destroy the common mind? Or are we only using 10% of our full spiritual capacity?

If the mother is earth and the father is God, what is life? As we look deeper using the lenses of purity we begin to see the roots of serenity. Nature? Love? The sea of unlimited consciousness? You? Me? The Tree? Our Life…


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