Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 30, 2010

My temple, Your temple

We were on the road hungry. “Beautiful, where are we going to stop to eat? I need some food. You know I love to eat.” She looked at me and smiled then replied “I know.”
As we drove every sign seemed to be labeled with restaurants filled with poison. My stomach started to growl. Lately I’ve been eating dark greens mixed with fruit and salmon or chicken. I love the way I feel when I eat right. I turned to her and said “Where are we going to find a quality dish on this never ending highway?”

The snacks we packed were gone. At that point I said “let us stop now.” We pulled in to a rest stop. I picked up some food. A grilled chicken sandwich. She looked at me and said “Baby, I want the best for you. Can’t you see they are poisoning your temple?” I replied “I know…but I’m hungry.” I thought she was being a little dramatic but the sandwich did look ‘special.’

My temple, Your Temple! I thought to my self: You are what you eat?! Why are there so many hormones in our food? What is happening to our hair? Our color? Our skin? What about the healing properties of Omega 3 – 6 – 9? Doesn’t that sound sexy?

Are we only supposed to eat grass? Carbohydrates are bad too? What if you take care of self and someone else invades your space with their pollution? Is that fair? Should we examine the spirituality of future possibilities? Does that include diet?
Our temples need nourishment but what are we feeding it? Do the mass production folks care about your small production woes? Obesity? Why is there increased diabetes in children? What about decency not to put drugs in our food? Should organic automatically mean more expensive? I guess the privileged can afford healthy but what about the rest.

As we begrudgingly made our way thru the line at the rest stop, I gathered my food, filled my belly then took over driving for the remainder of the trip. I thought: my system will be cleansed soon.


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