Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 31, 2010

Loving Unconditionally

The friendship began with no expectation. Two souls embracing the possibilities based on one conversation.

“It is a blessing to be in your presence. Rarely do I feel this comfortable with someone during the first conversation.” She smiled. I was captivated by her beauty radiating love. In that moment I began explaining my flaws. I told her about my strengths and weaknesses because I knew I did not want this friendship to end. She gently placed her hands on my thigh and I felt accepted.

Is it possible to love unconditionally? The friendship grew cautiously, respectfully filled with intensity. I knew love was growing between the two of us. One year later I said “I love you” in a moment of tantric connection with energy filling the room adding to the heat that resonated from our beings.

During our quest I felt her accept my imperfections and never judge. Is this true? Most don’t wait and fall for the newness connection. We knew what we had was unique so we took our time. We loved slowly… Is this love eternal?

Our experiences cautioned us. Our conscious selves remained reserved waiting for the right moment while our spiritual selves danced freely. Actions of love flourished but lips spoke words of friendship. There was a surety that lifelong friendship will be but unsure about lifelong lovers. Is this a love-ship?

From the beginning the universe placed us in different situations. I watched, listened and learned as you took on great challenges. I saw your character in a variety of situations. You remained loving when you lost or gained. I could sit with you and just be. When we speak, we learn about the past, present and future. When we are quiet our spirits speak. In that moment mentally, emotionally and spiritually we grow. How? Why? Love?

Loving you unconditionally seems natural because of your spirit, understanding, friendship, acceptance and connection. Thank you for sparking a light in the unknown future of life. Is the storm near? It doesn’t matter because the foundation is strong and will survive the ups and downs. You are, I am, we are unconditional love.



  1. I find it interesting that so much of your writing are neat scenarios. She places a gentle hand on your leg and you feel accepted. I think for me “if it aint rough it, it aint right” The fantasy can never end, if it never starts. There is such a big release for me after the first huge conflict in a relationship. When short comings are blaring but you choose to stay because their pros are bigger than their cons. You know they have seen your worst and it doesn’t scare them. My favorite uncle used to tell me I was a complete slob, but was beautiful,lol. I LOVED him for that. He didn’t try to change me he accepted the good with the bad. Unconditional love was the kind of love you saw in families who would fight like cats and dogs but would laugh about it later. Unconditional love isn’t exactly romantic walks in the park, or perfect words said. Perhaps its loving through poor conditions.

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