Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 3, 2010

At the Core of You…

What is at the core of you?

The planet we live on and the body that houses us seem similar. The layers are almost identical in complexity from surface to core.

Do you think your circle of friends really understands you? The layer that most see appears to hold the beauty. This plane of existence contains the trees, sky, animals and water. The equivalent to all the attributes seen with the naked eye. We love what we can see but what lies deeper? Can we use our spiritual sight?

The earth? The human being, like the tree, extends towards the sky while the feet are grounded in firm roots. What is in the soil that nurtures us? The earth contains nutrients from above and below sustaining life. Does the earth represent the mind?

Still deeper we find hardened rock containing past lives and answers to the future. The deeper we go the rock softens into a hot liquid that is the blood of this small planet. At the core there is unmatched energy, fire and strength that inspires everything above.

Do we have this same fire at our core? How many people make it beyond the surface of our being? What is at the core of you? Is it energy? Is that energy God?


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