Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 3, 2010


The gate keeper and the key holder were confused. Why?

Is it because of the taboo? The deep desire to find out what is hidden instead of nurturing truth.

Little boys learning to chase instead of love while little girls learn to protect or endure manipulation?

A young brother asked me recently why I don’t chase every thing that approaches me. I replied “its about building relationships and not conquering people.”

What would happen if we removed the taboo from our society about sex? What would happen if we teach our young how to love instead of the misguided cat and mouse game that breeds unhealthy adult attitudes and interactions?

Grown men are still chasing their first candy and women still protecting their sweetness. Why? What about healthy communication? Memories of our youth guide our adult choices. Is that true?

What happens when you tell a child they can’t have something? Do they become obsessed with getting it anyway? Is our current approach mis-educating our youth? Are we creating mild to serious sexual abusers? Do we care?

What creates promiscuous or frigid mentalities? When will we begin to teach comfort, love, awareness, understanding, respect, nurturing and the natural occurrence of sex?
What is taboo to you? Why do you think that is?


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