Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 6, 2010

Past Lovers

As we transition from childhood to adulthood the unions become more complicated. Is it worth our time to share our sacred space?

Do we still mate for life or only a moment to learn a lesson? Do we wear the history of the past physically or emotionally influencing future decisions? Have we lost faith, trust, perseverance and patience as we move towards maturity?

Is it that we open our hearts to people we thought were capable of understanding only to realize that they or we hindered growth? Hmmm, past lovers left in unsaid misunderstandings and new lovers confused about their place. What are we nurturing? The number of ‘lovers’ seem to multiply as we find ourselves in the comfort of others. When does the cycle stop?

What about friends who were lovers but now they are friends? What purpose do they serve? Are they your safety net or true friends? How deep was the connection? Did they reach the core of you?

What is the purpose of our life journey? Tranquility? If so, how many relationships does it take to achieve unconditional eternal love?
Too many mistakes can be labeled experiences over-rationalized by our quest to make sense out of insanity. What would happen if we lived by universal law (God’s Law)?

We see the dust and scars of past escapades while exploring new possibilities. How do we get past the discomfort of another? Confidence or a mirror? How are we guaranteed that this new union will last forever? Faith? Maybe we are only seeking a moment of pleasure not realizing that any connection inspires or contaminates our system…

As we explore love and the layers that appear with awareness,
I pray we all can love hard, unconditionally, truthfully and eternally with the person that is our destiny.



  1. Question: Why do you blog/write?

    Do you write from a place of genuine self reflection and personal experience?

    • Check out the FAQ page for the first question. Yes, I write from a place of self reflection, personal experience and living vicariously through others. If you read ‘A Happy New Year Letter’ you will have more insight. I also wrote a piece called ‘Why I write.’ Thank you for reading.

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