Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 11, 2010

Best years of my life…

What are the best years of my life?

Is it the time when I was young and made love with stamina? I had the energy to run, jump and play around. I wonder where we would be now if we lasted but I guess there is a reason you are in my past. Do you ever think about us then?

What are the best years of my life?

Is it the time when I was older? In my mid-30s and wiser. Creating love based on surety and compatibility. Unconditional loving and understanding the new relationship. Plans for the future being made. Raising children with a focus and awareness of adulthood. Why didn’t we last? We grew apart? Communication? What was wrong with us then?

What are the best years of my life?

Is it now where I am? Golden years? Experienced? Happy? Living? Loving? I sit here thinking back seeing the things that stayed the same and the things that changed. Pardon me if I ramble. The lessons learned based on the design of my purpose. Realizing each experience was predestined so I can reach my optimal self. In my staple relationships, they were brilliant and I listened and learned from each one. I made mistakes but the lessons were worth the end result. Maybe? Either way I’m comfortable with me.

Here I am an elder reflecting on life. At this point I still exercise. The things I used to stress about are not there and I realize some things are not worth me losing sleep over. I can’t do some of the activities I’m accustomed to. Flexibility is my new fantasy physically and mentally.

Love? A new interest has materialized built on deep communication. Making love through words has been a mesmerizing experience. Sometimes we sit and hold hands looking out at the sunrise. The energy flowing through us is more powerful than any other form of love I’ve known. When I look into your eyes I wonder, Are you new or just a revived version?

Did I know this would be the reality for me? All my experiences gave me an outlook on the best years of my life. From the moment I was born to now, I’ve lived. Each experience, accomplishment, relationship, memory represents the blessing of my life. Anything great takes time…

What are the best years of my life? My answer: each year I was allowed to live during this incarnation.


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