Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 13, 2010

She has personality…

“Brother, how are you doing? Its been a while since I’ve seen you. What’s new?”

“Things are cool. I met this amazing woman and she keeps my attention in so many ways.”

“Oh really? How long have you been seeing her?”

“We’ve been friends for a while and things developed into a relationship filled with unconditional love. Our interaction feels natural. She has personality. I love that and so many other things about her.”

“Wait, she has personality? What do you mean? Is that code for she’s not attractive but she has a ‘good spirit’? I mean don’t get me wrong, a woman can be beautiful with personality but you said she has personality. What does that mean?”

“Well, I’m glad you asked. I’ve been examining that question. What is beauty? First, yes she’s gorgeous. But the reason she’s gorgeous has nothing to do with her physical. When I first met her I was captivated by her smile. I’ve seen beautiful smiles before but her spirit really shined through. As I learned more about the core of her spirit her smile became more beautiful. Her mind is brilliant. She represents a strong spiritual being living a very human experience. Before I continue talking about her, let’s talk about beauty.”

“Brother, you sound like you’ve met your Queen?”

“I have. Actually I’ve met many Queens but this one is for me. But back to beauty…I think we got confused with a false sense of beauty. Our eyes see what we’re conditioned to see. The carbon copy displayed on TV or in ads doesn’t necessarily represent beauty for me. A woman’s love, spirit, awareness, style, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and peace attracts me. A woman who’s not a prude, rude, closed off, frigid or detached from reality. I don’t need a clothes hanger or a beautiful fool who can’t hold a conversation.”

“A beautiful fool? Wow, you have me dying laughing thinking about ‘Coming to America.’ Are you saying that personality is more important to you?”

“Yes, now there must be a physical attraction (passionate fire) but there are certain assets that inspire me.”

“You don’t have to say any more brother, I’m right there with you.”

“But as the connection grows, my Queen might change. Whatever changes she goes through I’ll still love her because we have a deep connection beyond the physical. I’m there for her and she’s there for me. When I say ‘she has personality’ I mean there’s more to her than the surface. Most are trained only to see the superficial and we never make it beyond the surface. We don’t take time to learn about the depth of a person’s spirit.”

“So you took the time to understand her core? What about her layers? Her baggage? Her fears? Do you think this can be?”

“She showed me her core without me asking. There are many beautiful looking people walking around but how many people actually have beautiful spirits? During our friendship, the God in her came out frequently. Her layers? Well she has been through like everyone else, but her reaction determined her happiness. Her fears? Believe me, she doesn’t want to be hurt, but she is willing to love unconditionally. She understands life can be filled with ups and downs. She’s in it to win it. Forever? I think we have eternal love. I think many people experience eternal love but they’re not aware enough to embrace it.”

“I’m happy for you. Does your Queen have a sister?”



  1. I’m sure your Queen has the same sentiments about you. It’s a blessing you made this connection at a young age for I think most people spend a lifetime looking for this type of connection whether it’s love-ship or friendship. Your post makes me smile!

  2. This kind of makes me think of the movie Cocoon.

    So many women start off as Queens but then they drained spiritually by people who are not there equal.
    Sure He may have found a Queen but how long will it be it before his demons drain her spirit ? Men looking for divinity in others rarely have it in themselves. They are like spiritual vampires sucking your soul until you are no more then they are onto their next victim. They will say you have become less of the woman they met. And indeed it is true bcuz they drained you of the very thing that made you beautiful. Their lies and mistreatment chipped away at your self worth.
    Behind the pretty words of many great artists are trails of broken women sacrficed to a man’s concept of Queendom

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