Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 17, 2010

A State of Gratitude

Do we recognize our blessings daily?

As the circle of life modulates, how do we perceive our experiences? Do we realize what we think we attract?

It is easy for us to be thankful in positive situations but can we see the blessings when things go wrong? Can we take responsibility for the reality of the moment? Maybe it is too hard to swallow the role we play in our current circumstance?

Can we get out of our way and live by universal law? Whatever we are feeling we attract. What if we stayed in a constant state of gratitude? What if we understood that today is part of the grand scheme of things? We must go through today to get to tomorrow, right? Some might want to skip over the moment. Why?

Throughout our lives we have moments when we think negative thoughts. When the universe responds we might be in a state of gratitude. Once we recognize our role in the law of attraction we can move forward in attracting more positive by depositing more love. Can we?

What seeds of gratitude will we plant today as we weed out misguided thoughts? What blessings will we nurture and appreciate?

Let us begin by being more grateful. Let us commit to gratitude and love. We can’t continue resisting our blessings. Isn’t happiness determined by our reaction?

Can we learn how to count our blessings? This might be our greatest and hardest math lesson.

Each day let us make a list of all we have to be sincerely thankful for in as many situations as possible. Soon we will be able to take the lesson from life and give back the energy needed to nurture desired outcomes. Authentic giving, authentic receiving. No motives, just loving…

Thank you for being you. Thank you for taking the time to read. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate you.



  1. …and thank you for reminding us ever so gently, of the things you do. You are appreciated.

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