Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 21, 2010

My Ancestors

The spirits arrive, make a mark, then transition. Those left behind remember…

As I walk the street I feel a sense of peace to know my ancestors are there looking out for me. My dream team.

I remember the loss of uncles, great aunts, cousins, friends, grandmothers and grandfathers. The loss created an impact that varied in intensity.

I remember the smiles, the conversations, the love given even when I was not fully aware, the sacrifices, the wisdom. A part of them is with me.

The depart was sometimes expected or shocking. The mark left? Timeless.

My ancestors soar in a realm I cannot see but
I feel. They let me know through subtle gestures what I need to do. Some have been watching me since birth. Some sent me to earth. Others came into my life for a few months to ensure connection was made for new life.

The stories of my ancestors can fill libraries with wisdom untold. Maybe deja vu is me remembering something they did.

Either way, I walk with a team of protectors. That spirit who woke me up before I almost killed myself on the road. That spirit who held me in their arms when my car was totaled and I walked away without a scratch. I appreciate all of you.

I still keep my grandmother’s bracelet on my kitchen counter. I have her eyes. Many of us do. I couldn’t play my horn at her funeral because the loss was too great for me to bare.

Earlier this year my father lost his oldest living sister and yesterday my mother lost her eldest living brother. We never had deep conversations on life but he was always loving, hard working and giving. A man who built his own house from his hands, started a business and raised his family. I remember him being a true example of a man. I looked up to him but I never really expressed my respect and admiration in words. He is the newest addition.

My dream team…My Ancestors



  1. This awesome… I never looked at those moments in time as ancestor as a connection to my ancestor….

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