Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 23, 2010

No more perms!!!

Ok, before you get upset, hear me out.

I grew up in a house of four women. My mom and three sisters all got perms. Now I didn’t mind the end result but the pain they went through was not worth it. I saw pictures of my mom when she had her hair short and natural. She looked beautiful. I also remembered all my sisters without perms, they were and still are gorgeous. My youngest sister returned to the natural and my other sisters exercise options…

I dig the fact that perms make a lot of people money but the damage it does to the hair, and more importantly psychologically, bothers me. One of my sisters is a cosmetologist. If you are going to get a perm, go to her salon…

In recent years there has been countless information distributed that shows in great details the harm of perms but they still remain popular. Is it the damage done to the minds of individuals with perms or is it people exercising options? Are the perms the new Rite of Passage?

Why are three year old girls getting perms? Is it the media? Maybe movies telling us what beauty is? Are we really in the year 2010? Is natural hair making a come back or will weaves, wigs and perms win? Now there are people who need wigs and weaves due to a medical condition but what is the purpose of the perm? Do we relax our hair to make others feel relaxed around us? Maybe it is the new standard and only the “different” ones wear their hair natural? What are perms good for? Creating mixed hair texture? Frequent touch ups?

I’m a red blooded male who loves women. I don’t care about the texture because I think you are beautiful just the way you are. I would love to feel the real you. Make up is optional. If you wash your hair and it shrinks, so be it. If the curls are tight, that’s alright. You are beautiful.

When you google natural beauty what do you see? When the perm needs to be freshened up do you wrap your hair? Do you think natural is unclean, uncivilized or too real? Ok I’ll give you the winter but how do you keep a perm in the summer? What about swimming?

I’ve known my three younger sisters since birth and no hairstyle makes them more beautiful. Their inner spirits shine in all they do. As an adult, I’ve met many beautiful women. I don’t remember one being more beautiful because of her hair.

Imagine this, as you walk out a body of water in the caribbean sea with your hair soaking wet…all I see before me is a vision of beauty. No perm necessary…



  1. Ase’ to that!
    I B Hapi @ B Nappy!

    Thanks 4 the support!

    (so when u gon’ let YOURs grow?)

  2. 🙂

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