Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 29, 2010

Musician, Magician

In the beginning there was sound. The ability to create emotion with a tone.

The breath coming from the soul inspiring others to feel deep. The divine gift to express love. Being a musician…Magician?

Am I participating in magic? Picking notes out of thin air that vibrate the right heart strings. Listening actively, spiritually to the reality of others simultaneously planting dreams in their minds of what could be.

It is interesting meeting a young musician discovering the secret for the first time. The age old bond between musician and tool of expression. I wonder if my nephew has caught the bug. If so, I will guide him towards the point where meditation becomes healing for him and the ears blessed with his sound.

I remember the first day, first note, first awareness that this is different. I remember the first stream of consciousness. I began taking the steps to greatness that I’m still climbing, heading in the direction of divine order. The more I learn the more humility surrounds me. Ancestors speaking through the music during those moments on stage where the unexplainable happens.

There are moments where quiet streams flow and others where volcanoes erupt. The message coming out the way the universe intends.

The challenges of society can test the character of many but the musician must create the soundtrack to where we should be…

Love, peace, activism, altruism unconditionally orchestrated in the sacred space of the…

Musician, Magician



  1. Your post answers the question on my latest blog post: What is the value of being a musician?


  2. I must say that this piece was very well written…

    :cheerful: Great info you had there…

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