Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 8, 2010

DC Jazz Scene

In the last thirteen years I’ve seen a change in what has always been a beautiful place to create…

The DC Jazz scene is coming together to develop a new epicenter in what some might call the world stage. In a city as powerful as DC it has always been a desire to see what would happen if the art reflected, inspired, altered the powers that be. Will it happen?

The new breed of upcoming musicians are performing, teaching, writing articles, researching and producing, in addition to embracing new ideas like social media.

Recently I participated in an event developed by called “DC Jazz Loft.” There were a variety of musicians expressing their view on jazz. The loft was packed with supporters and musicians coming together for one purpose, DC Jazz…

I wonder what would happen if more events were held like this? I wonder what would happen if the “jazz” musicians in the city united under the goal of quality of music, pay, and life of current and future musicians?

Duke Ellington, Shirley Horn, Frank Wess, Buck Hill and many others came out of DC. Shirley Horn and Buck Hill remained an influential part of the DC music scene.

Will the new musicians carry on the torch of excellence established by these greats?

I’m not from DC, but when I arrived at 21 the musicians of this city played an integral part in my development. With a pool of wise elders and gifted peers I was in the best company to ensure I came into my own. Since my arrival in this vibrant city, I’ve seen various examples of like minds coming together. Is it prime time for this to happen on a large scale? Will egos diminish so quality of environment can rise? What do you think?

Either way, I’m thankful for all who are determined to create positive change. Whether it’s self serving, activism or both, all will benefit.

Here is to the future of the DC Jazz scene. Peace, love and infectious grooves…



  1. Well said and I wish you luck and will be supporting the music. I was there on Sunday at Jazz Loft you guys were burning.

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