Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 20, 2010

The Great Composition…

…is you.

From the time we are born our surroundings begin to influence our thought process. Destiny?

We make choices to prepare us for the next step. At the time of adversity we might not realize the sunshine in the horizon. Prophecy?

When I think about life, I reflect on the great improvised solos. Why? Well the musicians are given tools to create. As they embark on the musical journey, there will be mistakes. The inexperienced musician loses focus after picking a “bad” note. The experienced creator realizes its not the action but the reaction. They realize that each “mistake” is a learning opportunity. Even the painful ones.

I think we all make choices/experience things to prepare us for the next step. As we become wiser we get better at walking after tripping. We all heard the phrases: “don’t cry over spilled milk”, “everything happens for a reason”, etc.

While on the stage of life, we are performing our great composition. There are moments of laughter, love, pain, drama, silence, modulations and transitions. There will be tensions and releases. We might not always make the best choices or be in the best conditions but we still have a responsibility to be our best self for our level of experience. Our compositions are unique. We are inspired by other great works of art but we can’t duplicate no matter how much some might try. Let us enjoy our time here creating love until our curtain closes.

The Great Composition is you…



  1. Reading your writings over this past year and a half has been like watching a flower bloom. From dirt a seed grows if properly watered with unconditional love & patience. I can tell you are growing into the kind of man you’ve always wanted to be. Out of faith you chose the path less traveled by musicians and God will continue to bless you for embracing your mistakes & using them to help others like me. Thank you for being you Reggie 🙂

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