Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 23, 2010

Pure Crystal Light

What do you see with your heart?

In a world divided by religion and lack of faith, we fail to see the evidence of pure crystal light. In ancient society and on many continents various people spoke of the crystal light. The source to the supreme being. Regardless of each individual’s personal path to God when the people of yesterday came in contact with the light they were touched by its beauty, its grace.

We are caught up with names dividing us when the light only sees love. What do you see? Community? We are on the lowest level of existence and the crystal light is at the top guiding us towards divine love. Will we follow?

We are blessed with the mind powerfully enjoying free will. The lessons clearly laid out on our path of comfort. Each temple provides us with a source of community but why are some condemning paths that differ from their own? Can we be light spirits like the source?

Are we walking on a path of love together uniting humanity? Can we? The crystal light did it, then we started confusing lessons with doctrine and adversity. Can we pray with a pure heart and remove wasteful words?

With Amen founded in the oldest known civilization, what does it mean to you? Are we missing the obvious blinded by misinformation? Can we see the pure light? Do we see the light within? Are our hands stretched out to the sky with our feet grounded? At the center of being do we see the crystal light shining?

When I began exploring different pathways to God my personal path became stronger. I saw the lineage from one culture to the next. The symbolism, the traditions, the rituals, the truth…God’s law interpreted by people. In my journey I began to dream of unity. How can we the people of earth truly love each other? How can we be more like the light? How can we love like the light? Are we our neighbor’s keeper?

What do you see with your heart?



  1. Love is Mute

    Close your eyes and open up your heart
    What do you see when your mind and soul aren’t apart?

    Love is not a color, love is not a sound
    But it is with love that we innerstand everything around

    How can you enjoy what you eat if your taste is fermented by hate, fear and distrust?
    How can you fully appreciate your life partners if your heart is filled with lust

    RAmember through your senses the true meaning of as below so is as above
    Like pure crystal light in your heart, the God in you sees only love

    ~DaraMonifah/RC 😉

  2. When you seek the light, God will nurture your soul! Thank you!

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