Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 6, 2011

How do you…

…say thank you to an angel?

What do you say to a divine being giving love unconditionally? The love coming from their lips, their deeds, their being humbles the disbeliever.

I met an angel who changed my life. Have you? The innocent touch who said “I got you.” I didn’t believe until I felt the miracle within blossom and became my surroundings. The blessing affecting everything around me. The gift so great it will take lifetimes for me to show the depth of my gratitude.

How do you say thank you to an angel? Every time I say thank you their reply “it’s God working through me.” The story seems too good to be true but I’m a witness to an angel among us. Walking around feeling like a human not realizing their core is pure light.

How do you say thank you to an angel? Do you say, “You’ve changed me. For as long as I live, your love will always affect me. The way I treat people will be different because you showed me a new way, a new idea that one can be like you and love like you.” Is that a good thank you?

I’m at a lost for words. Would you be if someone did for you what this angel did for me? Do you believe in divine energies looking out for our best interest surfacing when the time is best or most needed?

I’ve met a few angels. Each time their love intensifies. God sends them to reveal a big truth that I can’t ignore. Each time they tell me not to worship them but give all praises to God.

The messenger entered, healed, changed, loved and left me renewed. A renewed faith in humanity, prayer and spirituality. I never struggled with a distant power trying to change my life. I felt acceptance as the divine being guided me. A light spirit with enough energy to light up a city illuminated my being at the core and steered me towards a deeper love.

How will I say thank you to an angel? I will let light shine through my words, my deeds, my love, my life, my music and my soul.

Thank you angel for showing me the divine path to destiny.


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