Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 9, 2011

The Process…

The process so far has been a journey taking me for a ride but the end goal of presenting a musical story is worth it…

On January 27th I began the Kickstarter campaign. Today I’m reflecting on the events that led to this decision and the process of getting folks to give money towards a project.

In this economy I was unsure of how people would react to a CD fundraising campaign. I saw many success stories on Kickstarter but I saw a few failed ones. The task ahead entailed getting my network of folks in addition to strangers to donate.

First, I began writing about the project before posting on Kickstarter. A number of people said they would support the project. I figured only a fraction of those would contribute financially so I came up with different plans to ensure some level of success.

The next step was implementing the plan. I decided that it would be a great idea to have video footage of the rehearsal with key musicians saying something about why the project was important to them. I also had footage of the Virgin Islands I considered including in the video. Well when I arrived at rehearsal the videographer had the room set up for an interview style recording instead…bad lighting. He did a great job setting up the room, though clearly not what I had in mind. But, at this point there was no time to waste because I had a rehearsal to run. So now what? The vision of the video would not happen as planned for the launch. Regardless, I was thankful that we were able to have a great first rehearsal. Plus Amin took some pictures at rehearsal that were used in the final video.

The plan was to start the Kickstarter campaign on Thursday, January 27th which was my 35th birthday. To get a head start I already had the kickstarter write up and rewards ready to go but one thing was missing. The video! So with no video as yet I began to rethink how to do it. I scheduled a meeting with the videographer on Tuesday night but he lived 1hr and 30 minutes away and was coming down with a cold. It ended up taking over 3hrs just to get there! I was exhausted by the time I arrived. But the video was made… We confirmed that we would edit on Wednesday and then release on Thursday morning. Well, that is not quite how it happened. Sometimes creative processes don’t go according to plan.

Due to edits, time, etc. the kickstarter campaign was not launched until 11:30pm on January 27th. I met my goal (barely!) but now it was time to get the word out. Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text messages, word of mouth… And so it began.

Messages like “please donate what you can so we can reach our goal…” were posted online. Finding different ways to ask the community for help was difficult. Why? Well, I knew some would appreciate the updates/messages and others would tune it out. It was hard finding a balance but a week later we raised $1,300. That is not bad for the first week but the reality that I have to raise $6,500 by April 2nd or lose everything rings clear in my head every day. I can’t afford to wait until the last minute to raise all the funds. The sooner the safer!

So far many people have shared the Kickstarter link on their social networks. Some folks are apprehensive to give online due to the unfamiliarity with Kickstarter. I’m surprised and thankful for the support thus far.

I recently got some business cards made specifically for the campaign. The idea is to tackle the campaign from many angles. Once we are successful, creating music from the heart will be easy without the added stress of limited funds.

Thank you to everyone who donated. You help motivate others to do the same. Thanks to everyone else for getting the word out. Please let your networks know:

“The dream is becoming a reality because of the cast of musicians & your generosity. Share & Donate now: #CyntjeCD2011”

The above quote works great as a text message, tweet and fits perfectly into all your social networks. Check out some of the other pieces written about “Freedom’s Children – The Celebration” debut CD.

I am excited! Dreaming Big and Loving Hard…

Donate funds at



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