Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 10, 2011

What can you do…

I am very thankful for what has been accomplished in a short period of time. I appreciate all the support.
Friends, we have 50 days left. That might seem like a lot of time but it’s not. We still have to raise $4950. I have faith, with your help, this goal will be met.

Here is what you can do to assist with the fundraising…

If 50 people give $100… 🙂 we win

If 100 people give $50… 🙂 we win

Maybe 200 people will give $25… 🙂 we win

Probably this will be a grassroots effort and 500 people will give $10… We win and we have a sizable network for the album release. YAY!!!

Whatever happens please give here:

Humbly I ask you to do what you can to make this recording become a reality.

Thank you in advance…


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