Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 26, 2011


As the world spins sometimes we need to stop to take a deep breath…

The days become a blur and running around becomes the norm. Life takes
flight as I try to board the next train to the next event. It doesn’t
matter the reason because I’m exhausted. Yes I’m grateful for the
blessings bestowed upon me but that doesn’t take away from my attempts
to go beyond my daily threshold.
As the season of responsibilities shift, I find myself in a whirlwind
of opportunities, each one requiring my undivided attention. Time
propels forward not waiting for me to decide what do I do first. Well
the body responds…

Illness that prevents anything from being accomplished putting a halt
on practicing, performing, studying, nurturing, everything. Why?
Because I can’t move! Others depend on me but I can’t move…

The lesson repeated and intensified. At this point I’m on my
postgraduate studies of an age-old story. Since I forgot the rule I
had to be humbled. Sit down Reginald…
Now that I’m feeling better the pressure of catching up weighs on me.
Do I continue along the lines that will lead to my relapse or do I
take it slow. Life waits on no one but I can’t afford to miss
deadlines, appointments, etc.

As the world spins sometimes we need to stop to take a deep breath…

But, the air is stifling in this atmosphere. Maybe I will pretend I’m
on the beach in a place where skipping rocks on the clear blue ocean
is my relief…


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