Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 14, 2011

A thought

There is an electrical current passing between us but we can’t see that we are connected.

With twitter, facebook and other social media sites we have the tools to stay connected but it seems we are further apart. The information is ever present. We learn of triumphs and tragedies within moments of when they happen. What does that do to the human mind? Are we becoming desensitised?

Do you know me? Do I know you? Aren’t we ‘friends’ online? Can we learn how to love each other? On a day to day basis I see stories of love and death online. Some of these folks are strangers yet I try to give the appropriate response based on the circumstances.

There are also the self titled prophets who predict the future based on their religious affiliation. I do my best not to judge and just ask that we all learn how to love unconditionally.

I recently witnessed a situation where a brother I knew in school was struggling. He reached out to different people asking for help. When he passed so many left messages on his page. I wonder if we can learn how to give folks their flowers while they are here.

Maybe I’m burned out on social media. Maybe I’m burned out on the misuse of the term ‘friends.’ Either way, the phenomenon is here to stay. I remember when I first started ‘socializing’ online, it was fun. Now it can be a bit much…

Will we use the opportunity to get to know each other? Will we build true connections and support systems? Can I count on you? Can you count on me? We will see as we continue posting, tweeting and tagging.

I wish you peace, love and light.



  1. So much static online. It’s hard to keep up with many people even those we admire. If you find balance with following a few people, run with the flow. But, social media can definitely overwhelm you at times. Breaks are NECESSARY!!

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