Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 21, 2011

The Realm of Romance…

The realm of romance…

Is it here among us or off in a distance where only the enlightened few can obtain knowledge of its existence? A place where lovers dance because they are free of chains that nurtured conditional loving. Unconditional seems to be the norm in this higher plain of awareness. The true lovers no longer see the basic two dimensional figures of traditional constraints. The vale of delusion lifted and for the first time they can see the plush colors of life, love and happiness.

The realm of romance…

Is it a state of mind? The wisdom of love finally setting in after trial attempts at understanding. Finally love, being the most powerful gift, divine in nature, leading those disciples on a path of truth beyond comprehension. As the clouds of uncertainty dissolve, the new horizon awakens a clear state of artistry. Can you see the dream becoming reality? The students of life finally unlearning the misconceptions and embracing fresh perceptions of how we are one (love).

Maybe this realm is energy? A force so pure that it can’t be called anything less than love. A taste of sweet nectar from this fresh sun kissed flower of love is enough to nurture a country for eternity. Can you imagine such a force between two people? Do you wonder how it feels to hold the hands of someone you are connected to on a level beyond comprehension? Can we honestly allow ourselves to evolve to a state where we can love on this echelon?

Are there multiple directions/dimensions? Will this realm be reached through introspection? Digging deep within the soul until we arrive at the core of our being. Is it hot and fiery like the center of the earth? Maybe this is where our passion is conceived? Birthed to aid us in reaching our full potential as lovers we only have to follow reason.

What reason? The reason to love. The reason to give. The reason to show compassion. Will we?

The realm of romance… filled with the excitement of love, the mystery of love, the creation of love, the principle of love, the pleasure of love, the evolution of love and the endless possibilities of love…

Is this our quest? If so, let us take the journey together


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