Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 18, 2011

Why purchase “Freedom’s Children: The Celebration”

First, I think you should purchase the album because you like the music.

Music: the music was created with community in mind. I also wanted to use styles of music that have been instrumental in social justice movements.

Musicians: the combination of steel pan, trombone, vibraphone, voice, marimba, acoustic bass, drums and percussion reflect instruments used throughout time to call people to action. Plus the unique arrangement of instruments provides a fresh perspective.

Concept: There are many visual and musical messages presented in “Freedom’s Children: The Celebration.” When you look at the album cover, each symbol holds deep meaning that uplifts the spirit. The music was selected to speak to the soul and inspire the individual to create positive change in self and community.

Diversity: before the album was released, the songs were played for a variety of audiences. First the songs were tested on my children. I wanted to make sure children could enjoy melodies like “Peace and Love.” The album then was tested on my nephew and other 10 year olds. After the album gained successful responses from children, I moved on to young adults, my peers and elders in the community. Everyone found their identity in the music. The album is meant for individuals, families and communities to enjoy.

You: when you listen, close your eyes and see what comes to mind when you hear songs like “Relaxing”, “Children’s Parade” or “Sweet and Sour.” After you create your own perception of the music, check out the liner notes for more insight.

Thank you for listening.

Freedom’s Children: The Celebration by Reginald Cyntje is available on:

CD Baby:



Also check out:

Children of the Sun
2810 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC

Sankofa – Video, Books & Cafe
2714 Georgia Ave.
Washington, DC

Nisey’s Boutique
4007 34th Street
Mount Ranier, MD 20712

Natural Livity Kulcha Shop
9A Norre Gade (Main Street)
St. Thomas, VI

Music Shoppe II
Havensight Mall
St. Thomas, VI
340-774-1900 or 340-777-9434
fax 340-777-1753


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